Our Solution

At the heart of the LIGHTEN system lies our software that controls the hardware (a lighting control unit) and it is based on advanced algorithms that automatically adjusts and optimizes the lighting for each unique user according to individual needs and preferences.
When needed the user can manually regulate light settings if needs and preferences change. All changes are logged in a cloud based self learning system to help optimize the system accordingly. This system will also support user feedback to help track the systems effect on users.

The system works on the basis of a personal user profile defined by unique parameters such as age, gender and chronotype. LIGHTEN will add other parameters for supporting specific customer needs and requirements. This is why we call it Personalized Lighting.

To help personalize and control light settings we also developed an APP for smartphones or tablet PC’s with a simple user interface that allows the user to register personal data in the system and to manually set the light if the pre-settings are inadequate or as needs and preferences change over time.

Personalized Intelligent Lighting Control System