LIGHTEN provides Personalized Lighting to partners and customers in targeted segments, and the value of Personalized Lighting is particularly beneficial to users in the following segments:

Nursing Homes

Personalized lighting for elderly people in their private homes or for the elders and staff in nursing homes to improve sleep quality, subjective well being and staff working environment plus help reduce risk of fatal falls, medication and emotional disorders.

Seniors +65

Personalized lighting for seniors in their private homes and at their work to improve sleep quality, work performance, vitality etc.


In offices, and certainly in open and flexible offices, Personalized Lighting may be the only ‘personal element’, when the desk and drawer is gone. By knowing the needs and preferences of each employee at any work station (identified via the smartphone), the performance and well-being of the employee can be significantly improved.


In schools the whole lighting environment needs re-thinking, e.g. students with concentration difficulties could benefit from calming light during the day, whilst everyone would benefit from ‘concentration light’ during peak performance situations.

Health Care

In hospitals and psychiatric institutions it is already proven that the recovery days of certain patients can be reduced with optimized daylight and mood light scenarios. 

Personalized Lighting is developed to accelerate the recovery or well-being even further, as personalized light setting received over the day and night is supporting each individuals situation, chronotype and diagnosis.